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This is the Rapid T. Rabbit show, produced by Richard Concepcion. Copyright 2002 Richard Concepcion.

MPEG conversion by Tommy Johnson, 2001-2009

Episode 533: January 5, 2005, Polar Bear Express Subway and New Years Coney Island Swim, Vole-Frog/Tom Perry "The Real Dick Chaney"

Episode 534: January 19, 2005, De-Evolution of Home Video (TopCat Collection) Clever Contradiction - Broadcast Hash

Episode 535: Febuary 9, 2005, Cartoon Stars onf Hollywood Walk of Fame, Fortune Cookie Factory

Episode 536: Febuary 23, 2005, The 22nd Anniversary Show

Episode 537: March 9, 2005, "Fuzzter Ferret plays under "The Gates" in Central Park, Louella LJ Cast Drawings, Clever Contradiction - Wise Tortilla Chips Enlarged

Episode 538: March 23, 2005, Easter Parade Promo, Bunny Museum Newsletter, Hershey Lookalike Plush Rabbit, House Rabbit Society PSA flyer

Episode 539: April 6, 2005, Rabbit's 20'th Easter Parade, Weekly World News Picture, Linda Axelrod as Marilyn Monroe at Joe Franklin's, Clever Contradiction - Things you can't mail to Italy

Episode 540: April 20, 2005, St. Louis Cittymuseum, "Mirth, Mystery & Mayhem" Exhibit

Episode 541: May 4, 2005, Life with Louella "The Little Merbunny", Furry Art - Sylvia Fox "Kill! Van! Kull!" Big Comfy Couch clip "Toon Hand", Clever Contradiction - Nokia Theater

Episode 542: May 18, 2005, Koolaid Pants, Rupert interviews Nine Inch Nails, Clever Contradiction - Upside Down Pedstrian sign

Episode 543: June 8, 2005, Music - Jonathan King "Everyone's Gone to the Moon", "Madagascar" movie clips, phone interview with Cookie Monster

Episode 544: June 22, 2005, Special Report

Episode 545: July 17, 2005, Anthrocon 2005 highlights, Bronx Zoo Bug Carousel, Ferret Finds

Episode 546: Aug 17, 2005, City Drive Live, Flash Video -- Big Bird "Press the Red Button", Clever Contradition-- Walgreen's "Time Out Chair"

Episode 547: September 7, 2005, Mascot Hall of Fame, First Induction Ceremony in Philadelphia

Episode 548: September 21, 2005, Nick Rhabbit Saves the World, "Its a Little World"

Episode 549: October 12, 2005, Couple of Cup Shots, Flash Movie-- "Titanic" in 30 seconds reenacted by bunnies, Clever Contradiction--Toe Truck

Episode 550: October 26, 2005, Touring Salem MA with Lionel Lion, Clever Contradiction-- PABT Fright Elevators

Episode 551: November 9, 2005, A Round of Carousel News

Episode 552: Nov 30, 2005, Big Bird No Flu, Mascot Video "Forever Young" from LI Ducks Game, "War of the Worlds" Re-enacted by Bunnies

Episode 553: Dec ??, 2005, No Slate

Episode _CV-2: July 29, 2005, Cheesevention 2


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