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This is the Rapid T. Rabbit show, produced by Richard Concepcion. Copyright 2002 Richard Concepcion.

MPEG conversion by Tommy Johnson, 2001-2009

Episode 570: January 10, 2007, TIME Magazine Person of the Year, Clever Contradiction Pack 2, Life with Louella "Rainmaker", Portrait by Jay Van Buren

Episode 571: January 24, 2007, Cup Diner Menu, Furry Friends at Wild West City (Recorded September 17, 2006)

Episode 572: Feb 14, 2007, Guest

Episode 573: Febuary 21, 2007, The 24'th Anniversary Show (Recorded Febuary 6, 2007)

Episode 574:

Episode 575:

Episode 576:

Episode 578: June 13, 2007, Pennies for Ponies, Clever Contradictions "Rides at Bonbon Land", Ferret Pawpet "Nouns", Ferret Finds & Sights Ocean City, NJ

Episode 579: June 29, 2007, 2007 Ocean City DooDah Parade, and Pieasco

Episode 580: July 13, 2007, Special Report

Episode 581: July 27, 2007, Special Guest

Episode 582: August 10, 2007, Ferret Finds at Anthrocon 2007, Concert Video Trout Fishing in America "My Hair Had a Party Last Night", Uncle Fester Headache Remedy

Episode 583: August 24, 2007, Cuppy's Coffee, Concert Video Trout Fishing in Anerica "Proper Cup of Coffee", Clever Contradiction "No Pets, Shirts, Shoes", Newark Bears Mascot day and dodgeball

Episode 584: Sept 21, 2007, Live from Fur Affinity United 2007

Episode 585: October 5, 2007, Frank Sidebottom interview, Care Bears 25'th anniversary at times square

Episode 586: October 26, 2007, Halloween in a vacuum

Episode 587: November 9, 2007, Nimley's Carousel restoration sendoff, Eden Palasfs Carousel at San Fillipi Estate, Short film

Episode 588: Dec 7, 2007, Fuzzle Ferret Jedi lightsaber training, Trout Fishing in America "The Window", Film clip

Episode 589: Dec 21, 2007, PDQ Back Christmas Carols, Diane Carlin at Lota Staar Boutique in Union Square Holiday Market, MAcy's Herald Square Windows

Episode FAU07M: August 4, 2007, FurAffinity United 2007 Masquerade


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