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Chris' Home Page

This is where I mention something about my life and what I like to do. Or maybe I'll mention something about my to FreeBSD boxes, eyeara and mcbsd. I do rather enjoy playing with this WWW server and wandering about the Web only because people put some very interesting things on the Web.

Or maybe I'll mention something about my ham radio license, KA0ZRW, and my dream of starting up a TCP/IP high baud/bandwidth packet network in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Or, hey, maybe I'll mention that I'm a Senior at Concorida, majoring in Business Administration and CS, and currently employed by SEI Information Technology, doing tech support for McDonald's office computers nationwide.

One of my favorite pasttimes when not at the computer is watching X-Files, Star Trek Voyager, and drinking Zima. (Which, by the way, is a very good alchoholic beverage. Yes, we all know that it isn't beer, fine, but it is still great. And as far as it not being a REAL drink, it has more alcohol it in it than your average beer.)

Contacting me...

You can get a hold of me using one of the following methods:

Home: (218)236-8291
School office: (218)299-4192
both have voicemail, the one at school is named