Eyeara's home page

Twould be nice to have a picture of eyeara right here, but I don't have one, so.....

The Great FDISK of 1994

Only now are we starting to rebuild after the catastropy. The HCC office was nearly destroyed. Not only was Eyeara knocked unconscious for a period of 6 months, but the office lost 4 of 5 U*ix boxes that had previously called this room $HOME.

Anyway, yeah, my machine is called Eyeara and is an NCR 3230 486 dx2/66, with 8 megs of ram (4 mine, 4 borrowed from berdahl@tracy.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu, thanks :-) and 450 megs of hard drive space. I also have a WD8013 ethernet board, an ATI Mach32 (2m VRAM) video board driving DEC 19" monitor, and a Souldblaster Pro (although the sound isn't quite working right now).