McBSD's home page

McBSD, as was previously mentioned, ran a McDonald's for a while. It is an AT&T 6336, with 12 megs of ram, with ~290 megs of ESDI disk space. It is very comfortable. Especially since it has more resources than Eyeara (believe me Eyeara is jealous). Its previous job was running a Mcdonalds, it now runs FreeBSD release 2.0, hense the name: McBSD.

Current things this box is doing:

  • WWW server
  • UUCP to talk to lurch
  • DNS nameserver (for the domain)
  • NFS server
  • MSQL (database backend)
  • terminal server (we have a backdoor modem) (supports SLIP and PPP)
  • all the normal unix protocols (SMTP, talk, ftp, telnet, rlogin, etc)

    Not bad for what would be considered a junk machine eh?