Quotes of the HCC

Pathetic aren't we?

"A bunny is just like a dog except that it can hop."
-Tim Berdahl (And has big pointy teeth)

"I could have had a v8."
-Query optimizer, as quoted by Gus

"They want to know your life history... what you did in first grade... and if you got caught doing it..."
-Tim Berdahl on the GRE application

"Oh my God.... Its still alive!"
Jon Doroin on Windoze (He had been trying to delete it)

"No! Get way! Tourch your food!"
Shannon, at dining service

"Look at this modem..."
"Isn't that a blender?" Tim's SO's sister on an old 300bps acustic modem.

"What the HELL do you have sticking out of your computer?"
Bob (Tim's brother)

"I'm not going to smash it... I'm going to dislodge it..."
Tim Berdahl, as he went for his hammer (fun with QIC tapes)

"...Mystical books of weirdness..."
Gus in Databases. We are unsure of the context

"Where'd my window go.... Damn you."
-Tim Berdahl, playing with Xlib

"I havn't had any caffine all morning! Don't bug me!"
-Chris Larter who had coffee in the terminal room (at about 1:10pm)

Tim: "Do you think my car is warmed up yet?"
Tim: "Guess not..."
- Tim Berdahl and Jon Doroin, setting off to watch X files at Chris's

"Just because I'm first born dosn't mean cronologicly..."
Jon, thinking about how the Beastmaster could be first born, and also have an older brother.

"You look pale. When was the last time you had pizza?"
-Jon Doroin

Tommy: "Would you like some soggy fries?"
Jon: "Soggy fries? [munch] Yep, their soggy fries."

"Theres a damn pizza cult in Ivers!"
Jon, attempting to avoid the temptation

"My mouse has a cloaking device!"
-Jon Doroin, after X ate his mouse cursor

"Man! That pizza did me good! ... Must have been all the grease or something."
-Jon Doroin, head of the pizza cult

"Stop quoting me Dammit!"
-Jon Doroin

"I love story problems! They actualy make sense."
-Scott Hansen in a fit of insanity after Calc class

"...buzzworded to death..."
-Tommy contemplating someone whose identity will not be revealed (so they will not be embarassed, and come kill us)

James: "Did you microwave your ears?"
Chris: "No, that was a different set of ears."
Just before Chris set forth into the -40 F windchill with some earmuffs.

Nem: "I need a .... no I already have one of those."
During an "I wish I had a|more diskspace|ram|display|cpu|bandwidth" conversation. (we were not amused...)

Dino: "Football is mildly entertaining..."
Pat: "If its happening to someone else!"

Tommy: "Why can't they just use vi and nroff..."
Chris: "NO."

John: "Print it? Do you know how BIG this file is!?!?"
Chris: "How big is it?"
John: "Uh.... I don't know. Hold on..."
John, as he contemplated how big a post script document was.

"Never in all my years of teaching this course has someone seen fit to do this to me."
Dr. Sze on Tim Berdahl's assembly homework

Jon: "I should be Productive. I've said that all week..."
Tommy: "So should I."
Jon Doroin contemplating his lot in life

"Its one of those things where I would go out of my way to destroy his life. But who has the time anymore?"
-Dino on the state of the US political system

"You gave me a twenty."
The video store worker said as Chris looked at Nem in utter amazement that he got $17.88 in change for his $10 bill.

"There is a one to one correspondence between pizza and getting well."
Jon Doroin

"...Including that garbage dump in there!"
Jay Holston, Custodian of Ivers, refering to the HCC office

"Don't use my astronomy homework for a mouse pad. Then I'll never find it."
-Tommy Johnson

"[klang klang klang] ARRRRRAAAAAGGGGG!!!! [trip]"
Scott Hansen trying to cross the HCC office

Tommy: "ACK!"
Jon: Aside: Favorite pasttimes of the HCC: squishing cans behind unsuspecting people.

Jon: "/dev/sphincter: I/O error"
Tommy: "Core dumped!"
Just after dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken, where we ate all we could eat.

Jon Yost: "I have that issue, thats the one with the ballerina."
Tommy: "That would explain the shoes."
John Opgrande: "There were shoes??"

Tim: "This only goes from 5 to 19?"
Tommy: "Well, it would be kind of useless at night."
Discussing a sundial.

Jon: "I'll hit you with this book. Its a Novell one. It'll hurt!"
Tim was annoying Jon

"Here I sit in front yon mac,
playing with a hammer... smack.. :-)"
Fun with poetry.

Jon: "These modems are TINY!"
Tommy: "You have all of them don't you? Put our modem pool back!"
A discussion of the new US-robotics modems for Cobberland's modem pool. (Jon had pocketed all five of them)

Chris: (reading) "Warning, charged capacitors"
Chris: "Tee Hee"

Jon: "Have change for a foot?"
Discussing the annoying pop machine that dosn't accept bills (but used to)

Jon: "I wonder when these pizza coupons expire?"
Tommy (who wasn't paying much attention): "Pizza! I thought I heard you say pizza."
It was 2 in the morning, and we were hungry.

Tommy: "Madona's IRQ... uhhh... IQ is actually very high..."
Listening to Madona in the car, remembering an article in Time Magazine. (Madona's IQ is about 185)

Jon: (reading) "two for one..."
Tommy: "9000"
Jon: "Actualy I was just reading the Sunday coupons."
(241-9000 is the number of pizza patrol)

Tommy: "We're still missing a Hydrogen. Oh well, perhaps take it to the Chemistry department tomorow and ask them."
Jon: "Uh mister cyber-stud-muffin chemistry person, Could you fix our Caffeine please?"
Fun with chemestry models
(the diagram of Caffeine we used is at http://echolake.vaultbbs.com/~tjacobs/)

Jon: "Is that an 8 bit piece of cardboard, or 16 bit?"
Scott: "I can't believe we are talking about how many bits a piece of cardboard has!"
Conversation during the fabrication of a fake card to fill a broken slot (to prevent people from using it)
(it was a 16 bit piece of cardboard)

Scott: "Whats noto doing?"
Tommy: "Everything."
Scott: "No it isn't... There's Error code 2, then a bunch of zeros."
Tommy: "Hmmm.... [walks over and looks] Its because you put the phone on the keyboard"

bobDbob: "Gosh, aren't you lucky to have a i386-unknown-freebsd2.1.0 system!"
I was attempting to compile hylafax. Arn't bizarre script files great?

Kyle Mestery: "I used to like Math, until I took Calc."
This seems to be a common opinion.

Scott: "Xon/Xoff, isn't that software flow control? hmmm.. [waves with right hand] Xon! [waves with left hand] Xoff!"
This is your brain at 1 in the moring.