These are quick-reference instructions, not an actual manual. Do not attempt to use these instructions without an in-person intro.

To turn it on:

Optionally: And don't forget to tie the AC busses together before an SPS burn.

To turn it off:

Emergency stop:

If it says Initialization Required, or axes are unaligned

If the power fails, it looses track of where all its bits are, and so must be reset. Press master start, if it starts, continue. Otherwise double check previous steps and try again. It will probably complain about what is wrong. The machine will then move slightly so the pointers are not aligned. This is expected, the encoders are absolute position, but repeat every motor revolution, grid align just tells them which revolution they are on. It then reads the absolute encoders, and twitches to its calibrated location.

While you're at 4.2x10 hit TC Set to define where tool changes happen and home set for where the lathe goes to when you hold down the home button. Going that far away from the work for a tool change is perhaps overkill, but the cost of a crash is very high.

To load your Gcode into the lathe:

Your Gcode will probably need some milacron-isms. (will be covered in a separate document.) This describes transferring your file into the lathe's computer. To Run your Gcode, press cycle start while on the machine setup screen. If you press it on the program management screen it will say its inhibited.

If dry run is selected, the Gcode will be run at jog speed without the spindle running. Make sure you have no stock in the chuck! If dry run is selected, it will prompt you to press cycle start again.

To manually enter Gcode:

If dry-run is selected, it will prompt you to press cycle start again, and will then run the program ignoring all the feed rates (and going at 200 fpm) without the spindle running. Make sure there is no stock in the chuck!

To Adjust Tool length numbers:

Hopefully you will not need to do this. Do not move tools, you will break other people's Gcode. If you need a tool which is not on the turret, post on the mailing list and we'll get consensus on how to rearrange things.

If you press data-reset, it will clear any current tool offsets and you will not have the correct delta.

If it says...

"Cycle start inhibited"

You can't press cycle start on the program management screen. Press machine-setup and try again.

Select tool pos ##"

You jogged the turret and then issued a tool change command. It wants you to put the turret back where you found it.

Initialize chuck jaws

It wants the jaws gripping before it will run your program or MDI. Press the foot switch to close the jaws. Watch the ID/OD grip toggle button on the left panel. You'll need to open the door (see next note).

The chuck jaws won't move

The chuck jaws will not move with the door closed. Which is interesting, since nothing else will move with the door open...

Alert No TC Set

You need to set a location for doing tool changes. Jog the machine to somewhere safe, and then on the machine setup screen press "Set TC" (on the function keys).

Alert 10672 Spindle error T setter

The tool setter (tool calibration arm with the button on it) is not completely in the up position.

80 Spare Alert nn

From the manual: "An alert report has been made with an alert ID not correctly defined." The remedy (again from the manual) is "Do not do whatever you did."

To change jaws

Loosen the bolts (2 per jaw), then remove the two bolts completely to free the jaw. Swap them one at at a time, rotating the chuck so you're only removing the jaw in the "top dead center" position. This will prevent the retaining piece (which the bolts thread into) from falling into the conveyor. You don't want to go fishing around in the chips and coolant...

The jaw positions are numbered on the chuck, the jaws are also numbered. I believe the jaws are actually interchangeable, but its not hard to just keep them matched.


Tool inserts


Chuck Jaws

The chuck jaws are 1.5mm 60 degree bevel teeth. Ask the google for things which fit a B-208 style chuck. For example

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