The lost linker script

For some reason, it seems that NXP has removed every trace of any linker scripts for their microcontrollers from the internet. The alternative they proffer is for the linker scripts to be "managed" by their integrated development environment.

In several years of trying, I have been unable to find any example where being "managed" was a positive thing for the subject. (EG: digital rights management, health management organizations, managed code, etc.)

I prefer to use straight gcc or clang and Makefiles for my development. Things with source-code, things which I can script, things which I can Automate. There is nothing more "integrated" than shell script. So to me, NXP's integrated development environment is not even wrong.

I'm not absolutely sure where I found 4367.ld and friends. To avoid redistributing lpcopen (sic), these files have to be dropped into it's directory structure. This is based on lpcopen version 3.01 (I am honestly surprised at how easily it was Makefile-ified), targeting an lpc4337 chip.

I am reconsidering my selection of NXP products for my work. When one selects a tool, one hopefully gets a capability, but one also gets a dependency. The nature of that dependency is very important, and must be considered carefully. NXP's hostility to my tool chain makes them an un"manage"able hazard.