AHH! a Squirrel!

OK, so I came home and am playing with the computer. Unfortunately, a squirrel had apparently gotten into the house somehow earlier, and came into the room hoping I would let him out. So he is attempting to go "Uh... Hi..." and I go "Ah, A Squirrel!", and he goes "Ahh!" because squirrel are extremely jumpy, and jumps under my desk. So I go "Ah, there is a squirrel under my desk!" (I was sitting in front of it in a rollychair) and jump back, and he goes "Ah!" again in typical squirrelly fashion, and jumps over to the 3/4" VCR. I manage to not go "AHH!" again this time, and go and open the doors and attempt to encourage him to go out the door. He unfortunately went into the basement instead. We have some video of him in the basement. We didn't actually see him leave, but he's not visible right now. So we're hoping he escaped, but have no evidence to support that theory.

Falls Church animal control said to call an exterminator...

Sorry for the quality of the images, they are captures from videotape.