Equipment Failure Procedure

CRD-86 Control Rod Drive System 10/22/62

A. Control Rod Drive Mechanism Failure

(Control rod drive line inoperable mechanically, electrically, or control rod stuck)

B. Occurrence of a Control Rod Drive "High Motor Temperature" Alarm

C. Failure Of Control Rod Position Indicator At Console

D. Operating Hydraulic Pump Trips Due To Overload Or "Power Failure Hydraulic Supply" Alarm Occurs

E. Failure Of One OR More Rod Drives To Scram Properly

F. Hydraulic System Failure - Oil Leak Inside Containment Vessel

G. Transducer Valve Failure

H. Hydraulic Oil Failed To Meet Cleanliness Specifications

(Refer to POS CRD-86 for specifications)

I. Failure Of A Hydraulic Oil Cooler

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