Equipment Failure Procedure

PP-21 SL-37 Primary Purification & Buffer Seal Systems 10/22/62

A. One Letdown Cooler Becomes Inoperative

B. One Normal Flow Ion Exchanger Becomes Inoperative When the Second Normal Flow Unit Is Already Inoperative

NOTE: The units may be inoperative due to either spend ion exchanger resins or mechanical failures.

C. One Effluent Filter Becomes Inoperative

D. One Letdown Flow Control Valve Becomes Inoperable In the Open Position

E. Flow Controller For Letdown Control Valves Becomes Inoperative

F. One Letdown Flow Control Valve Fails Closed

G. Loss of Diaphragm Operated Make-up Valve PP-43V

H. One Charge Pump Becomes Inoperative When Another Pump is Already Inoperative

I. One Booster Pumpe Becomes Inoperative

J. One Buffer Seal Cooler Becomes Inoperative

K. Loss of Auto Operation of Bypass Valve SL-9V

L. Loss of auto OPeration of Primary Makeup Valve SL-6V

M. One Buffer Seal Header Strainer Becomes Inoperative

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