Equipment Failure Procedure

PS-09 PE-15 10/22/62

A. Primary Pump Failure

B. Primary System Gate Valve Fails to Operate by Remote Control

C. Primary System Check Valve Fails Closed

D. Primary System Check Valve Fails Open

E. Primary Water Leakage Through Failed Steam Generator Tube

F. Pressurizer Spray Control Valve Failure PE-1V or PE-3V

G. Pressurizer Spray Valve Fails to Close and the Leakage is Sufficient to Collapse the Steam Blanket in the Pressurizer

H. Pressurizer Heater Element or Bank Failure

NOTE: Once at operating level, reactor primary system pressure can be maintained by the two smallest heater banks, 1 and 2. Therefore, approximately 80% of the total heater capacity can be lost without seriously affecting plant operation.

I. Failure of Pressure Control for the Spray Valves and Heater Banks (PIRCA-PE2)

NOTE: The failure of this instrument would affect the automatic spray and heater bank operation.

J. Inability to Control or Monitor Pressurizer Level (Possible failure of LICA-PE1)

K. Failure of Pressurizer Temperature Indication (TIRA-PE3)

NOTE: With all pressurizer pressure and level instrumentation functioning, failure of one or both temperature sensing elements our their instrument can be tolerated. The undesireability of this failure is pronounced in reactor startup and severe pressure load chances.

L. Failure of the Temperature Indicator Used to Monitor Surge Line Temperatures and Surges During Heatup (TI-PE4)

NOTE: This instrument is used primarily for information, and if the pressurizer and primary system temperatures are within specified limits, it is not necessary for reactor operation.

M. Failure of the Pitch and Roll Compensating Instrument

N. Primary Flow Loop Instrumentation Failure Causing Incorrect Flow Indications

O. Failure of Reactor Outlet Temperature Instrument (two elements) Used as a Safety System Input

P. Failure of Any of the Loop Temperature Instruments. (Such as delta T, Tave, Tin, or Tout

Port Loop	TVI-PS2		Stbd. Loop	TVI-PS1
		TDI-PS2				TDI-PS1
		TIR-PS2				TIR-PS1

Both Loops	TVIA-PS14

Q. Failure of Primary System PRessure Instrumentation (PIRA-PS5)

NOTE: Failure of any one of the two micro switch inputs to the safety system will scram the reactor.

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